noun: advocacy
1 public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy. "their advocacy of traditional family values"
2 synonyms:
3 support for, backing of, promotion of, championing of;

The Guild

The Board of Body Art Practitioners As the Chairman for the regulatory body that governs licensure all body artists of New Mexico, I believe in communication. There is usually a lack ofhealthy communication between those who regulate and those who are regulated, bodyartists are no exception. But my method of leadership is through healthy and open communication. Making sure all that attend our board meetings or reach outtome are given all the proper information they need to obtain professional licensure. I am a believer in professionalism inmy industry because it creates an expectation of health and safety. A licensed artists here in NM has had at minimum of 1500 accredited hours of training, are blood borne pathogens, First Aid, CPR certified and have passed a board approved theory exam.

Guild of Ethical Tattooists The Guild is an educational organization that joined forces with Senator Jacob Candelaria to create Senate Bill 275 ultimately creating the Board of Body Art Practitioners. The governing of licensure prior to this was by the Board ofBarbers and Cosmetologists. There were many reasons why this was inefficient and caused many issues that were a threat to public safety.  Now with the Body Art board in place the Guild has become an advocacy group for this Board, spending its time educating the community about the health and safety concerns pertaining tobody art. The majority of artists and collectors today focus on the end product, the finished procedure, and not the safe steps to this end. Cross contamination prevention should be second nature to all those wielding a tattoo machine, and/or piercing needle. The Guild urges all those in the industry to obtain licensure and work to better improve their health and safety education.

Art Fusion for a Cause (AFfaC) What started as a fun event/mixer toget different local tattoo artists together to cooperate and communicate about industry concerns spawned an amazing creation. Art Fusion for a Cause iswhere multiple artists collaborate on several different canvases creating some amazing and fun art. During the art creation process raffle tickets are sold for a potential to win one of eight different pictures each event. After the winners are pulled all the proceeds generated goto a different local non profit each month. This happens every second Wednesday of the month at Tractor Brewery at 7pm. This hasbeen going strong for 3 years. 

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About Ben

Ben Shaw is a licensed professional tattoo artist of 19 years. He is Owner of Archetype Tattoo Studio, Chairman for the Board of Body Art Practitioners and CoFounder of The Guild of Ethical Tattooists. Tattooing is his passion and he is working to promote prosperity within his industry through education and charity.

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